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    Cutting edge technologies and data analysis to support policy-making on environmental and socioeconomic monitoring.

  • “The work of Randbee in the WaterInnEU project has been very relevant and professional. Randbee led the WP7 e-learning, generating high quality e-learning courses which have been perfectly integrated in the marketplace.”

    Lluis Pesquer
    WaterInnEU Project Manager at CREAF
  • @pedroatticus nueva herramienta europea para datos urbanos. Impresionante.
    Link a memorizar:urban.jrc.ec.europa.eu

    Alfonso Alcolea
    Committee of the Regions
  • Great new urban data platform:  check out #Rdguk #Reading2050 @EU_Commission http://urban.jrc.ec.europa.eu

    University of Reading
  • “The EU’s urban data platform is mind-blowingly good.”

    Tom Forth
    Founder at Imactivate


Experts in data-driven decision making

Randbee Consultants is a consultancy company with expert knowledge on data and statistical analysis, web visualization tools, modelling, e-learning and capacity development.

Our multidisciplinary team of researchers, IT developers, designers and data scientists develop solutions for sustainable development.

Bee global, multilingual and technological

We strongly believe that sharing knowledge and information are the basics for innovation, growth and development. Our goal is to help organizations to add value to their data telling stories that facilitates communicating information to policy and decision makers, administrators, media and citizens.

We love technology and embrace the open source philosophy and develop web and desktop applications which are perfectly adapted to your needs.

With a global approach to consultancy, we rely on our diverse and multilingual team of English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese speakers.


& Innovation

Randbee applies cutting edge research and technologies to deliver innovative products and solutions in the field of environmental and spatial modelling. We are actively involved in the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programe.

Geospatial Data Analysis
& Visualization

Maps, statistics and geospatial data are our passion, we use the latest remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technologies to analyze and understand data, with extensive experience building indicators for decision makers, as well as developing interactive, attractive Web visualization tools.

& Cooperation

We have solid experience in the identification, management, monitoring and implementation of development and cooperation projects. Our team has been involved in environmental and water resources management, urban development, climate variability projects in Africa and Latin America.

& Capacity Building

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and empowering people through technology and data. We have developed and managed several e-learning platforms in the context of several projects. We also have extensive experience organizing capacity building activities, such as workshops and on site training.





E-learning, capacity building

Applying European market leadership to river basin networks and spreading of innovation on water ICT models, tools and data.


Urban Data Platform

Geospatial data analysis and visualization, capacity building

Data sharing and visualization platform for European cities and regions.



Geospatial data analysis and visualization, capacity building

Designed to help you collect data and organise field campaigns.



Geospatial data analysis and visualization

A storytelling tool for a wildfire in Spain using satellite and wind data.



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The primary vision of the WaterInnEU project is creating a marketplace to enhance the exploitation of EU funded ICT models, tools, protocols and policy briefs related to water and to establish suitable conditions for new market opportunities based on these offerings. Randbee was the leader of one the project work packages dealing with the e-learning platform. We developed the entire e-learning module, based in Drupal, and also designed and prepared all multimedia and digital materials for each course.

For more information about the courses available, please visit the marketplace at:   https://marketplace.waterinneu.org/en/e-learning


We worked together with the Land-Use based Integrated Sustainability Assessment (LUISA) team at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO) on the development of the first version of the Urban Data Platform. The entire platform was developed using open source software. We used a map tile system based on several open source libraries from Mapbox to display maps quickly and interactively; and D3.js, a powerful JavaScript library, to render the time animated charts. The platform integrates the different components into Drupal, the European Commission’s corporate web content management system, to facilitate data management, editing and much more. The platform makes it easier to understand past trends and future scenarios for over 60 indicators organized in the following themes: Demography, Urban Development, Economic Development, Transport and Accessibility, Environment and Climate, Resource Efficiency and Social Issues.


We supported the use of the Aquasurvey tool in different projects, for example in Burkina Faso in collaboration with an international NGO, Young Water Solutions, and the ULB University of Brussels. Aquasurvey allowed us to run field data collection campaigns inexpensively and efficiently in complex environments, without the possibility of an internet connection.

For more information please visit AQUASURVEY site at: www.aquaknow.net/en/aquasurvey-software


Castilla la Mancha is a region in Spain that has been severely affected by wildfires. Large forest fires such as the one that took place in August 2017 in the municipality of Yeste (Albacete) are becoming more and more frequent in the Mediterranean and leading to more catastrophic outcomes. Understanding how the fire growth and spread is crucial for preventing and suppressing wildfires while providing critical and accurate information to the pertinent actors. This is why we developed this storytelling tool for the forest fire in Yeste. This tool combines the accuracy and updated data from the Copernicus Earth Observation(EO) Programme with wind speed data to analyze how the fire spread over time.

For more information please visit the tool at: http://projects.randbee.com/yeste_storytelling/