Project Details

Technical support for the management of ECMWF's Essential Climate Variables


The ECMWF has signed five contracts with different companies for the supply of Essential Climate Variable (ECV) products derived from observations to the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). The challenge was to manage the technical and contractual aspects of these contracts, which are spread across five thematic areas and covered 22 different ECVs. The majority of the work focusses on carrying out an independent review of the technical documentation to ensure it was as useful as possible for users. This required a team of experts with technical knowledge across various domains including atmospheric physics, atmospheric composition, oceans, land hydrology, cryosphere, and land biosphere. Furthermore, the experts needed to have the ability to carry out coherent and rigorous reviews of technical documentation and interact with the authors in a professional and supportive manner.


Randbee Consultants, as part of a consortium, offered a tailored solution for ECMWF’s challenge. They assembled a multidisciplinary team of experts with proven technical knowledge and operational experience in the required domains, along with strong project management capabilities. The experts were trained to work independently but also coordinate effectively with ECMWF and other scientific specialists, ensuring a seamless execution of the project. They oversaw and reviewed the deliverables from the ECV contracts, providing the necessary technical and contractual management. The solution facilitated the continuous supply of ECV products to the C3S Climate Data Store, supporting the larger goal of climate change analysis and response.


  • European Centre For Medium Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF)


Data Management, Data Quality Control