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Geospatial Services

We provide strategic, tech, data, and GIS/Remote Sensing consulting. Our expert team specializes in geographic data processing, analysis, and web visualization tools. We aim to enhance the value of geolocated data for informed decision-making in businesses and government. We also offer geospatial information training.

Artificial Intelligence

We offer development and implementation services for Artificial Intelligence solutions. Our specialized focus is on machine learning, deep learning, predictive analysis, and recommendation systems. Our team is can help institutions optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and increase profitability through the implementation of AI technologies.

Data Management & Visualization

We provide all-inclusive data management services, covering data collection to visualization. Specializing in big data, we equip clients to transform data into actionable insights.We carry out data management plans based on DAMA (Data Management Association) to ensure data quality, integrity, security, and privacy. Additionally, we provide guidance in the development of data platforms like CKAN to help our clients maximize the value of their data.