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Urban Data Platform


The Urban Agenda for the European Union was seeking to enhance its knowledge base and collection of reliable data concerning urban development issues across more than 800 cities in Europe. The goal was to facilitate monitoring and benchmarking of cities, as well as foster citizen engagement in urban-related debates. The central challenge was the vastness and complexity of the data from diverse sources, along with the need for an intuitive, interactive platform that could efficiently handle this data. The platform had to offer comprehensive visualization of the state and trends of European cities, covering a wide range of indicators like demography, urban development, economic development, and more. The challenge involved not just the consolidation and presentation of this data, but also ensuring its ongoing update and validation


Randbee Consultants offered a comprehensive solution by developing the first version of the Urban Data Platform (UDP). The UDP, a joint initiative with the Directorate-General Joint Research Centre (DG-JRC) and the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG-REGIO), served as a single access point to common urban development indicators. The interactive interface allowed users to explore, visualize, compare, and download data efficiently. Randbee worked to ensure the platform collected open data from multiple sources, presenting them through visual and analytical tools. The platform also provided functionalities to automatically generate charts, enable comparison and ranking at city level, and facilitate data download. By doing so, Randbee effectively addressed the challenge, enabling the efficient monitoring and benchmarking of European cities, and facilitating the engagement of citizens in urban-related debates.


  • European Commission: DG Joint Research Centre - JRC


Data Analysis, Data Visualization