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A tool for visualizing communities under the Tsunami Ready Program


UNESCO-IOC has been promoting the Tsunami Ready recognition program as an international performance-based community recognition process consisting of key actions that help to reduce tsunami-related risks to individuals and communities. Through the Tsunami Ready recognition program, communities become aware of the risks they face from tsunamis and take steps to address them. This is achieved through a collaborative effort to meet a standard level of tsunami preparedness through the fulfillment of a set of established indicators.

Our aim in this project was to create a visualization web-based interactive map to increase the visibility of the Tsunami Ready pilot program, showing Tsunami Ready recognized communities as well as communities seeking Tsunami Ready recognition in a suite of maps.

The main challenges in relation to this aim were to make this tool compatible with various institutional websites, as well as to adapt it to pre-existing data in the form of several Microsoft Excel files. The user experience needed to be seamless and visually pleasing, while the tool had to offer multifunctionality, like data input, integration, processing, and visualization, and adherence to UNESCO map and logo policies.


Randbee developed a solution based on Jupyter Notebooks that allows for data management and analysis, together with a comprehensive web interface. This Jupyter Notebook allowed for seamless data input and processing from the Microsoft Excel file and web-based data sources. The web interface offered an interactive, responsive, and visually pleasing map, compatible across multiple devices. Users could export the map, add additional data layers, download pdfs, and potentially access multimedia links. The interface was made in English and French, with the provision for future multilingual versions. The tool underwent a thorough technical test, a user manual was provided, and a smooth transfer to the host server was ensured.


  • Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO)


Data Management, Data Visualization