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A toolkit for a Market Scan of Digital Agriculture solutions


Digital Agriculture solutions, also referred as Agriculture Technology (Agritech), consist of advanced digital innovations that enable smallholder farmers, agribusinesses, governments, and development partners to increase their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness, enhancing agricultural outcomes. It includes devices, digital networks, services, and applications. Agritech solutions can be valuable tools to mitigate the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, including low productivity and income, financial exclusion, and climate change. But, for this aim, Agritech solutions must be affordable, sustainable, and bundled with other solutions and tools used by farmers. In addition, the growth, scale-up, and sustainability of Agritech solutions is highly dependent on an enabling ecosystem including the availability and accessibility of the foundational digital infrastructure and digital skills.


The toolkit designed by Randbee contains guidelines on how to conduct a Market Scan of Agritech solutions. In particular, the toolkit will guide development experts to conduct a comprehensive market research and assessment of Agritech solutions in target developing regions so as to inform the possible adoption of the best suited particular solution. Through the scanning process, the toolkit allows identifying existing and emerging agricultural technologies that are likely to have a significant impact on the delivery of farming products in developing countries.


  • JengaLab
  • Final client: IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)


Capacity Building, Training