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Review and Management of Product Quality Documentation delivered by the Copernicus Marine Service


Mercator Ocean, through its Copernicus Marine Service, required a comprehensive and proficient management of the review process for Quality Information Documents (QUIDs) coming from various Thematic Application Centres. This project entailed the scrutiny and assessment of detailed scientific documents. The primary objective was to ensure that these documents were not only technically accurate but also user-friendly and easily comprehensible to a diverse audience, ranging from novice users to scientific experts. This demanded assembling a team with a broad spectrum of expertise, capable of conducting thorough and consistent reviews of these complex documents and effectively communicating with the authors to guide them in improving the content.


Randbee Consultants proposed a specialized solution to address the needs of Mercator Ocean. They curated a versatile and experienced team, proficient in various scientific disciplines relevant to the marine and environmental sectors, bolstered by solid project management skills. This team was designed to function both autonomously and collaboratively, ensuring effective coordination with Mercator Ocean and other key stakeholders. The approach involved developing a detailed document tracking system, enabling stakeholders to monitor the status of each QUID throughout the review process. Randbee's team was responsible for the meticulous review and assessment of the QUIDs, ensuring their alignment with high-quality standards and coherence across all documents. This process was critical in maintaining the integrity and reliability of the Copernicus Marine Service's products, ultimately contributing to enhanced marine and environmental monitoring and management.


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