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Ponds as Nature solutions for biodiversity conservation and adapting to climate change


Ponds are key for biodiversity conservation. In addition their ecosystem services can play a crucial role in mitigating and adapting to climate change. PONDERFUL is a transdisciplinary research project with a very broad scientific and geographical scope.

A wide range of data is required to determine how biodiversity, ecosystem function and services interact currently in ponds, and how climate change may alter these interactions. The data required includes socio-economic, policy, biodiversity and ecosystem services datasets. This data will be both newly collected data as well as data generated during the project (through processing and analysis).

As such, the project is producing a vast array of specialised data, from spatial data to social information. Potential users include high level decision-makers, local managers as well as technical experts. Each of these user groups have very different data and information requirements.

Therefore, in PONDERFUL it is a key challenge to effectively manage and share data from various project partners, maintaining consistent quality across different data formats and sources, and ensuring clear communication among multiple partners. The ability to disseminate project findings to a diverse audience while adhering to privacy, intellectual property, and ethical considerations adds another layer to this complex challenge.


In response, Randbee has developed a comprehensive Data Management Plan and Data Sharing Information platform. The plan sets procedures for data collection, storage, access, sharing, and quality control, while the platform facilitates seamless data integration and sharing among project partners. Furthermore, Randbee is responsible for the development, management, and maintenance of the project's digital resources, including the project website, Intranet, etc. ensuring effective communication among partners and efficient dissemination of project outputs and findings to the wider audience. Randbee is also contributing with its expertise and knowledge on Climate Change, Conservation Biology and Nature Based Solutions in this project.


  • European Commission H2020 programme


Climate Change, Data Management