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GIS and Data Science Course with Copernicus Data


The Armed Forces University – ESPE in Ecuador introduced Geographic Information System (GIS) and data science to its curriculum, specifically utilizing open-source data from the Copernicus programme. The challenge lay in creating a comprehensive and effective course that could provide students with a strong foundational understanding of these complex fields, while also teaching them how to utilize and interpret the Copernicus data effectively.


Randbee Consultants, leveraging their expertise in GIS and data science, crafted a detailed course curriculum specifically tailored for ESPE. The course introduced students to the fundamental principles of GIS and data science, and provided hands-on training in the use of open-source data from the Copernicus programme. By incorporating real-world case studies and exercises, Randbee ensured the students could apply their theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. The end result was a comprehensive course that equipped ESPE students with the skills to effectively work with GIS and data science using Copernicus data, while ensuring use of open-source software.


  • The Armed Forces University – ESPE (Ecuador)


Training, Capacity Building