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Environmental and Socioeconomic indicators for urban areas and other functional regions


Functional urban areas and other functional regions require precise and comprehensive data for improved policymaking and implementation. This involves understanding the drivers for growth and inclusive social development in these areas, which necessitates the use of reliable data, indicators, and analytical tools. Key aspects of this challenge include the requirement of base indicators such as socio-economic, environmental, and demographic datasets, as well as the need for detailed spatial maps. Achieving a high level of spatial resolution and downscaling, while aggregating the data to different functional regions, also forms a significant part of this problem.


Randbee Consultants developed a solution to address these challenges within the framework of the FUORE project. The solution comprises a novel methodology and algorithms for downscaling and an analytical web tool for spatial disaggregation and visualization of indicators at the EU level. This tool, the FUORE Analytical Tool, includes a user-friendly interface for inspecting time series of around 300 estimated indicators through interactive maps and charts. Additionally, the Custom Disaggregation Tool, embedded within the Analytical Tool, allows registered users to run the disaggregation-aggregation algorithm, visually check and validate the outputs, and even add new data to the system, thus enhancing the relevance and efficacy of data used in policy-making processes for functional regions.


  • European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion (ESPON Programme)


Data Analysis, Data Visualization