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Oman Earth Observation Hackathon: Empowering Innovation and Commercialization


Organizing the Hackathon on Earth Observation applications in Oman presented a unique set of challenges. The event aimed to bring together a diverse group of individuals - young software developers, data specialists, remote sensing and thematic experts - with the goal of developing commercially viable applications based on Earth Observation data. The challenge involved not only logistical organization but also the need to provide pertinent training and informational content about satellite imagery processing, analysis, and the potential of Copernicus data and services. In addition, it was important to offer guidance on the business development side to help the participants shape their ideas into feasible commercial solutions.


Randbee Consultants successfully co-organized this event, tackling all the challenges head-on. They meticulously crafted the event's agenda to ensure a balance between training, development, and networking. Participants were given detailed training on the use of Copernicus data and services, enhancing their understanding of satellite imagery processing and analysis. To aid in the development of applications with commercial value, Randbee also provided business development training, giving participants a clear pathway to turn their ideas into practical and marketable solutions. Their comprehensive approach ensured the event was not only educational but also a catalyst for innovation in the field of Earth Observation applications.


  • University of Malaga


Training, Capacity Building