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Building an E-Learning Module and Contents for WaterInnEU


WaterInnEU's vision of creating a marketplace for EU funded ICT models, tools, protocols, and policy briefs related to water presented a unique challenge. The goal was to identify the most viable models and tools for commercialization and to develop associated training materials to educate potential users. The project's complex nature required a deep understanding of both the technical aspects of water-related ICT solutions and the educational requirements needed to support their use. Furthermore, this marketplace also needed to foster new market opportunities, implying a need for a system that could adapt to emerging trends and technologies in the water sector.


To address this challenge, Randbee Consultants developed a versatile e-learning platform module as part of the WaterInnEU marketplace. This platform was designed to aid in the identification of the most suitable models and tools for commercialization, making it a valuable resource for potential investors and users. Alongside this, Randbee developed comprehensive training materials, ensuring users had a solid understanding of the functionalities and benefits of each tool or model. This dual approach, focusing on both selection and education, ensured that the marketplace not only offered the most relevant and effective solutions, but also provided users with the knowledge required to use these tools effectively. The e-learning platform played a crucial role in achieving WaterInnEU's vision, by facilitating the exploitation of EU funded ICT tools and fostering new market opportunities in the water sector.


  • European Commission


Training, Capacity Building