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Further development for an innovative dissemination tool for macro-economic indicators


Storytelling to make macro-economic indicators meaningful to a broad audience is crucial for statistical institutions such as Eurostat. In this sense, one of the best techniques for communicating data is using stortytelling approaches combining text and graphical representations of the data based on a narrative. To address this challenge when publishing its macro-economic indicators, Eurostat has developed an R script using the R Markdown language with the additional functionalities of the Flexdashboard package, which generates HTML files ready for immediate publishing. The main content of this output are interactive charts created with the Plotly package. The charts show the latest release of a set of statistical indicators with associated text annotations. Although this tool addresses the growing need for a more interactive and streamlined dissemination of official statistics, improvements in the design are needed in order to make the tool more flexible and adaptable, with the aim to fit the needs of different national statistical entities beyond Eurostat.


Randbee designed and developed different improvements in the previous script of the tool, both conceptually and technically, in order to enhance its layout, accessibility, performance and usability, including options to make it more customisable and to extend its functionalities. A new R package is being created to increase readability and efficiency, as well as to optimise the speed and performance of the website.


  • Eurostat


Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Storytelling