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Breaches of the Bern Convention: a novel scoring and priotisation system


The Bern Convention aims to promote cooperation between the signatory countries in order to conserve wild flora and fauna and their natural habitats. The challenge faced by the Bern Convention is the overwhelming number of complaints that they receive, submitted by NGOs or even private citizens, alleging breaches of the Convention by States. To cope with this challenge, it is required a systematic scoring and prioritisation system for new complaints received by the Secretariat, based on their relevance and urgency, that provides a systematic way to triage the complaints, prioritize them, and subsequently streamline the evaluation process. However, the variation in the relevance and urgency of these complaints made the process of defining appropriate scores quite complex.


As a solution to the Bern Convention's challenge of managing and prioritizing complaints, Randbee Consultants designed a rule-based approach to explicitly and consistently calculate priority ranks from different criteria. For these criteria, scores are assigned thus complaints can be scaled accordingly. Original criteria scores in all categories are then multiplied by specific weights. Criteria weights are based on the relative criterion contribution to each category. Scores are weighted and then combined by specific categories resulting in an overall calculated rank for each complaint. A new Priority Rank Calculator tool, build on an Excel spreadsheet, facilitates the assignment of these priority ranks, as it automates the rank calculation, guiding the user during the scoring process. This streamlined process allows the Bern Convention to prioritize and manage complaints more effectively and efficiently.


  • Council of Europe
  • The Bern Convention


Data Analysis, Data Management